July 8, 2015

Busy as a bee

I finally won the fight if and when can I go out ALONE with my best friend. Should I argue with anyone about that? 5 years ago, that wouldn't be an option, I would just go and that's it. What happened? No, it isn't about growing up, it's about adaptation. And just to know, I'm not that kind of person. I need my own space, a lot of it, I need to be free and do what I want. I have enough of not seeing a friend that means more to me that my own world, enough of being (feeling) sick and not going anywhere, enough of everything.

Like I said in my Changes post, I already changed a bit. I got a septum piercing that look great on me, and this Friday, I'm dying my hair turquoise (ombré, like Kyle Jenner on this photo). Feels so good to be a bit different. From the day I got a mail that without my master's degree I cannot start my integrative psychology course my life is changed. I was sad for a few days and really didn't know what to do with myself, but then I just let it go. And it feels good.

These days I'm really busy although I'm on my summer vacation. I'm making my jewelry (that calms me down profoundly), reading great psychology related books (starting with The secret), making DIY present for my old friend that has birthday this weekend and planning my weekend with my bff, just like I said before. We're going out and spending 3 days together. In the nature. Omg. I think I have like a ton of things to tell her. Then, I'm writing articles for a local health website, spending time with my friends from the theatre, swimming with my chihuahua (she swam for the first time last week!, good girl) and well yes, blog of course!

Meet me on my instagram to see what's been going on these days. What about you, busy or enjoying summer vacations?
                                                                           Love, M.

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