July 3, 2015

Happy hour!

I was thinking for a long time about a weekly post filled with links about just everything that I saw and loved on web. I had a problem with the name, so today while I was spending time with my lil' chihuahua the name just popped up. Just like cocktail hours are happy hours, that's exactly how my posts will be. This week I'm traveling a lot, enjoying the weather, reading and relaxing. Here's what's been going on:

1. Nouvelle Vague are on my playlist on repeat. I love that kind of French-dreamy music that makes me wanna grab my bag and just go! Check out this playlist on youtube, it's great. Also I bought those handy and stylish Sony headphones, especially for listening to music while running or on the beach.

2. Etam has great sales! I got a pair of slippers to feel more cozy at home and a biiig travel utilities bag.

3. Natural beauty books that I'm currently reading are Shannon Buck's book 200 tips, techniques and recipes for natural beauty which is a detailed book on how to make your own rich cosmetics at home (need to try some of those recipes!) and Natural cosmetics from my own garden by Katharina Bodenstein, which is very practical, it teaches you how to use everything from chamomile to parsley in cosmetics. Great books.

4. Already seen 4 gmail hacks that can change your life? If not, check this article. I follow Levo league for quite some time and need to say that those ladies rock it! What I writing stile, what a topics! I wish I would grow in a way they did.

5. Cooling dog collars. This is amazing. Bought one for my chihuahua the other day and it works. You put the collar in cold water for 30 minutes, let it dry and that's it. Great for hot weather and if you have a hyper dog like I do :)

                                                         What's on your happy hour? :)
                                                                     Love, M.

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