I'm Mikela, the voice behind Loving from Berlin.
I grew up in Slovenia, Europe. I'm on my way to my psychology Bachelor's degree. I started a hobby blog several times. The previous one was about poetry, but I gave up. After my high school I wasn't being productive at all, that's why I needed something that would pushed me to think about anything. And here I am.

Loving in Berlin is a lifestyle blog for the ones who want to receive their weekly spark in their life. To get more sugar, spice and everything nice keep reading my blog. I'm thankful for all your comments, tweets and pins.

To know me better, here are 20 facts about me:

One: Aside from psychology, I'm obsessed with nutrition and yoga. And blogging. And languages. 
Two: I'm a organization freak. Once a week a check out organization tags on Pinterest.
Three: I'm half German. Ich liebe es. Berlin is my dream and dearest city on earth.
Four: I L O V E dogs. When i move i'm going to have three dogs and no children. Yup. That's right.
Five: The biggest challenge for me is to write I uppercase.
Six: I suffer from severe travel anxiety. I worry how will I live away from my home.
Seven: I would love to sell my voice to cartoons.
Eight: I love taking notes on small notebooks or post-its.
Nine: I have very good grades, but i still think i don't know how to study:)
Ten: I've never broken a bone before.
Eleven: Turkish films, Turkish scarfs, Turkish food, Turkish language, Turkish names, anything Turkish please.
Twelve:The thing I hate the most about myself are my fears. The least favorite thing about my body is my hair. 
Thirteen: I'm terrified of the heights and dark. I cannot sleep without a dim night light.
Fourteen: My favorite month is December. I love my Christmas village, baking cookies, ice-skating.
Fifteen: I'm more spiritual than religious.
Sixteen: My feet are always cold. (As much as I love winter)
Seventeen: I kinda have an online shopping addiction. 
Eighteen: I have always wanted to write. Like Carrie Bradshaw did. In NYC, by the window, in a bright apartment. 
Nineteen: I love theater. I played roles for about three years in local theater. I loved it.
Twenty: I actually don't believe in fate.

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