July 20, 2016

PREGNANT? A size 12 life

My beautiful readers, I hope you are all feelin' good. I was thinking about this post for a very long time but a week ago something pushed me over my limits and I knew this had to go viral!
It was the day a friend of mine was in the hospital and I went over to check him and spend some time with him since hospitals aren't really a fun place to be. I said hello to his other "rommies" and had a little chat with one of them. After I went home I got a message from my friend telling me that that rommie asked if I was expecting. I couldn't believe it! I asked my friend what did he say? And he said he told him I was so not pregnant. The rommie turned it all on some kind of joke and said he asked that because he saw my tummy. #fml. And so I decided to write him a letter. To him and any other male or female that insulted me or any other curvy or plus sized girl or woman.

Dear mr. Rommie,

with lightness in my heart I must say you can absolutely chill down and take your emergency calming pill, cause I AM NOT PREGNANT. Yes my tummy is bigger than your super skinny daughter's one, but can you ask yourself if she is also THAT happy and THAT healthy as I am? Well, I can assure you she's not. Let me tell you what I eat in a day: vegan bowl for breakfast, some fruits, super easy lunch full of veggies, more fruits and salad to end the day. Therefore, I am healthy as f. I feel good in my body and that white dress that made you think I'm expecting makes me 5kg slimmer, thank god.
My structure has nothing to do with my wellbeing and of course I wouldn't want to change my outside because of some nasty people not minding their business.
With awareness that we can all be healthy and not eat only a cracker and some water a day I could build an empire, but what can you do?
The person I admire the most is Ashley Graham, a MODEL and designer and above all, a BODY ACTIVIST that could make you wanna apologise for your words, once said " I will not let others dictate what they think my body should look like for their own comfort, and neither should you." And with that, I'm ending this brief letter hoping you will bite your tongue next time you will want to say something like that to a cheerful and strong, healthy young woman.

Here to us *cheers* - with a glass of WINE - that could get us fatter, but yeah - we don't really care.

Love, M.

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