July 14, 2016

Makeup factory Unlimited lips: Magnetic lips review

Hi my dear readers! Since I'm working again I can totally see the lack of inspiration and motivation for blogging. I keep all my ideas in my new fancy notebook, so don't worry. I've been off for some days because I was working on this post so much, I needed my photos to look lovely and since my camera broke that's quite impossible.
Anyway, I got Makeup factory Magnetic lipsticks sent for a review and I remained speechless. Since Makeup factory is more on a high end makeup I took some time for really try all shades and to set a post 'bout it and be a bit more professional here. Doing some business, right? :)

Makeup factory was built thinking high end makeup isn't only for makeup experts. All products are perfume and paraben free so they are perfect for sensitive skin as well.
I got 10 different shades: 090 Soft Nude, 098 Tangerine, 161 Sheer pink, 166 Deep pink, 171 Deep Magenta, 288 Copper Rust, 310 Warm Orange, 335 Bright coral, 343 Pink Fuchsia and 377 Pink Carmine.

They are all packed in a matte black case that closes with a small magnet - it's all about magnetic lips! Of course all of them are paraben free. I love the colours, not really nude, right? That's exactly what I like about them. The colours are very, very bright. Some of them would do a fine cherry on top for a night out outfit, but I don't hesitate wearing them all the time.

The texture is smooth and it shines a bit, later they turn semi-matte. All of them are extremely long lasting and what I think the most important part is your lips are moisturised for so long!
I use them every day with a light BB cream and just a bit of mascara - it's all about the lips. Perfect for hot weather and summer fashion.

The price if 15,99e, you can buy them in Müller or on their webstore here, click. I can't believe I'm actually going to say this, but my favourite one is Warm Orange! I never owned and loved an orange lipstick so much!
What do you think? Aren't they just perfect? I got them a safe and clean space in my drawer.

Love, M.

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