May 24, 2016

What's your passion?

Was the big question of The Entrepreneurs seminar for women (well, and men) trying to achieve the best in their career. Urša Žorž, I hope you know her, otherwise check her site over here, click, is one of the best motivators we have in Slovenia. I just feel like her in a lot of ways, of course she is an excellent business woman that plans events and helps people to find their way in entrepreneurship with seminars and classes.  Her event was great. I hope she could take time to be my mentor once :)

I am thinking a lot about my passion, my leading thing that makes me move mountains. But I haven't found just one. I feel so on a esteem level on hierarchy of needs, still on the way to my self actualisation that hurts me. I have so much energy to offer and things I would like to do, so I thought my friends would know better how do I look and what is THE thing that makes me different from others. Here's what they said:

"Your sense of humour is really rare to find, which is the thing I like most about you. You are also very open person who is not afraid to speak up. You also don't know prejudices at all".

"The thing I adore about you is your energy. And a bit of craziness." - Fully agree with this one! :))

" What makes you special is your open heart and the feeling to be a good listener. Your advices are very helpful and I wish you all the best for the future". 

"You are nothing special, I don't see a thing why you could be different from others. You need to work on your sensibility and make your skin tougher. Anyways you are a great writer". 

Here's what I say:

I think what makes me different from others is my positivity and hard work. I am full of energy and capable to multitask. I am open to co-working and don't feel ashamed to ask for help. I adore things like blogging, planning and sharing my psychology related knowledge to help people live better and positive life. I can't work everyday the same old stuff that closes my imagination and dreams. Working for someone that doesn't pay attention to your suggestions makes me quit the thing I'm doing.

So, what should I do with my life? Be a coach? Plan events? Do workshops online and in our cities? I think I am ready to explode.

So I can't wait to hear what is YOUR passion?

Love, M.

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