May 11, 2016

Morning and evening routine tag

Hello my beautiful readers! I thought today is a great day for a tag post. I love doing tag posts so much and this one is a bit different. I think not a lot bloggers have done one like this one.
I both love mornings and evenings, but I have rituals in both parts of the day, in the morning and in the evening I really have some time for myself, for doing things that make my soul happy. I hope you enjoy this post as much as you liked the 10 odd things about me post that went viral, I wanna thank you all for your enormous support. Here we go:

What is your beauty morning routine? First I was my face with Lierac cleansing gel and teeth with Curaprox Black is white toothpaste. The most time I spend dealing with my hair. Curls, straight, tail, it takes so much time!

What's for breakfast? I now never leave my house to work without a proper breakfast. A biiig cup of coffee and cereals with fruit and yogurt could make my day just perfect. If I have have more time than toasts can be my thing. I only wish I could buy myself a huge coffee machine!

How long does it take to get out the door? It takes me about 30 minutes to get ready and eat breakfast.

What is your go-to makeup look on a fuss-free morning? My go-to makeup would be L'occitane Pivoine CC-cream, NARS foundation, H&M blush for the red and healthy looking cheeks, some UD eyeshadow, Too Faced better than sex mascara and I'm ready to go!

What is your evening beauty routine? I remove my makeup with the Garnier Micellar water and was my face with Lierac cleansing oil. Two times a week I put on my Lierac face mask. I have to say I don't use night cream or eye cream. I think I just haven't found the right ones yet. Any suggestions?
Snack time! What's in the bowl? Sweets. Damn sweets. I know I shouldn't, but some Lindt chocolate never hurt, right? 

How do you wind down and prep for bed? I browse Pinterest and prepare some articles to read in the morning. I read a few chapters of my actual book (I'm currently re-reading Fifty shades darker - Since I'm not working in a library I need to keep up with some good titles). I take my pills and drink a herbal tea while watching some shows and petting my chihuahua. Lovely, right?

Cozy up! What are you wearing to sleep? Oversized sweater and tights. And very cute and warm socks, always.

What are some things you must do before hitting in hay? SET MY ALARM! Do my chihuahua's bed and prepare her blankets. Prepare what to wear for the next morning, also put everything I need in my purse. Moisture my hands with Caudalie hand cream and I'm ready.

What are your Am/Pm routines? Would love to read your posts, let me know in the comments if you write one.

Love, M.

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