May 4, 2016

10 odd things about me

Seem a bit scary talking about odd things I do or feel in my life. Anyway, some of them are funny and they are all real, so picture me up like you want and let me know down in the comments what are your things that make you different from others. I thought this would be like a bright and chill insert in my blog. Have fun my dear readers! :)

1. When I go somewhere for more than a day, I obsessively check my purse multiple times to see if I have my essentials gathered in one place.

2. I hate washing my hair so what I do if I don't want to wash them is to make a pony tail and wash my bangs instead.

3. When walking in the street I walk in the middle because I'm scared to be pooped by pigeons. Also my head is always up to see if any of them is on his way to do somethings BAD :)

4. I panic A LOT when I have fever, I get anxious like crazy and need to go to the hospital ASAP that a doctor tells me nothing's gonna happen to me. Then I feel much better. Instant relief.

5. Instead of doing my mani and/or pedi properly, I tend to do a massacre with my cuticles until I start bleeding a bit. Then it's finally time to stop and put a kilo of cream on top.

6. I look after my best bloggers like Lily Pebbles, Carly from TCP and Kate Lavie (oh, her <3). That's why I bring their photos to my hairdresser and expect to look more like them at the end of the treatment. I always end up looking like Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson (together) in their worst days. Hate working with my hair. h.a.t.e.

7. At the end of the day, instead of putting my clothes in the bag for washing or in the closet, I gather them all in my chair. They wait there silently until I can't breathe in the room anymore because it feels like a nuclear bomb just exploded there.

8. As much as I like to cook, I hate being in the kitchen if I NEED to bake or cook something. I'm not even a H of housewife and cooking is not my priority. I would rather eat a bowl of different salad everyday than cook something properly for my dinner or lunch.

9. When driving (insanely of course), I detest fog or the combination of rain and night. I would rather wait someone to come pick me up then drive in those conditions. Also when foggy my stomach starts to hurt badly. Every time.

10. When blogging, I check the spelling only once (if so). Also I always read blogs from my fav people but rarely comment something. Bad girl, I know.

Here's a bonus one. * 11. I try to be very organised but I end up pinning to many pins in my Pinterest boards and never use any of them.

That's me in my spare time. I loved writing this post so let me know I you would like more funny-kind-of-me-or-not-related posts. Enjoy this lovely day, I'm now off to lunch and work.

Love, M.

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