April 23, 2016

Pivoine face care collection from L'occitane

Well my dear readers, it's been a while. Today is such an awful weather, I worked till 1 p.m and now I finally took some time for myself. Missed you all, I missed blogging a lot this week, I'm sorry I haven't posted anything until now, it's been super busy two weeks. I stopped working as a librarian and started my job at L'occitane, so until today I worked two jobs at once. Stressful, let me say. I feel weak, out of my blog post ideas resources etc. That's why I took this week off blogging. I was active on Instagram and Facebook at least.

At work I had this wonderful opportunity to try out L'occitane's new Peony face care collection. As you know, this collection is ideal for woman 25-35 years old who want their skin to look and feel just as perfect as they are. The well known serum, cream, CC cream and mist got their new brothers: perfecting toner, make up remover and gentle face scrub. Here they are:

How do they look? Pretty, right? Let me say, I tried all of them. The gentle scrub is cool. I like it a lot and I will probably purchase it in May. I could use it as a mask too. You just take for a nutshell of gel and massage it on your face. It transforms into the oil and leaves you skin fresh and soft. It has a bit of that fresh Peony scent but it is really gentle.
I was excited at first when I saw the Perfecting toner. It's like micellar water in gel texture. It removes makeup and leaves your skin clean and luminous. This one isn't on my wish list. I expected more watery texture and much stronger scent, where this one barely has any.

The absolute winner and first product on my wish list is the Perfecting toner. It refreshes and moisturises your skin as the touch up in your routine. After applying toner, your skin is ready to absorb serum and cream much better. This one has a pleasant Peony scent, which I adore. My skin looks just perfect after using this.

This is my collection that I adore and so does my skin. The CC cream is the reason why I don't need to wear any foundation somedays and look healthy and my skin looks perfect and natural. If you have extremely oily skin I suggest you to try perfecting cream first before buying it. It doesn't fit all skins, it contains shea butter that fits dry skin better.

Which of these newbies are you waiting for the most? Will you buy any?

    Love, M.

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