June 28, 2015

It's all over/changing

Finally everything's over. My college is done, I got two exams left but I'll take them next year. Finally I can breathe. I still don't know what's going on. Anyway, I was on a little vacation these days. I went to a library that was so big and full of books that I didn't know what to take home. I left (of course) with a full bag of psychology-related books. So when I do that, I usually read some pages of all and then decide which book will I read first. Reading the first few chapters of Letters to Louise, I got me really thinking about my life.

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Do you ever sit down and think about it for a while? Are you happy?

I'm not. Fully. I wish I could be more free. Without any pain in my stomach when I go somewhere. I have a feeling I need to get away from everything for all the summer. Doing what I want. I'm really thinking about spending a month by my granny's house. Like in my old days. Chilling on the balcony reading books and spending time in the city. No rush to go or to be anywhere.

My life needs to be changed. To be built again. Right from the start. How I look, what I wear, the way my body looks like, what I listen to, what my hobbies are, who my friends are, where I live? and what I do. I need that freedom. Seriously I have no idea where to start. Well, I started meditating and it feels different. But that's it.

Ever got a urge so hard to change yourself from bottom to the top? What did you do?

                                                                          Love, M.


  1. Hello dear! I would like to share my thoughts as well by saying that changing yourself from the bottom to the top requires one hell of a courage. It is not easy but it is worth it. Without changes life would be boring and without pain or anxiety we wouldn't be wondering how can we redesign our point of view, our life and be better, stronger or happier.
    Think about the butterfly effect from the chaos theory. How the small changes can produce large differences. One step at the time. Kisses

  2. I agree with you. Too much changes at once could do no good to some people (like myself). Since I wrote this post, I got an earring, changed my hair color and went to see some places. It feels good. I just bought a book called Everyday happy and I'm planning to do this project from today on.

    Thanks a lot for reading and taking time to share your thoughts.

    Kisses, M.


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