May 26, 2015

How to be professional in your 20s

So, my last finals are on their way now and I'm studying like crazy. MY LAST FIVE! Hey, can you imagine how quick am I running to my degree? I'll be a psychologist, yay! My wishes came true through my hard, and by that, I mean hard work. I am continuing my education to be an integrative psychotherapist. Sounds great, right?
With that I'll step in a more mature world, so I was asking myself what can we do to look and be more professional already in our 20s. People may still see us as girls, but we are like, totally grown up!

1. Respond you emails within 24h. It's very important to have a clean and organized email. Delete all spams and all advertising messages that you don't need. Also unsubscribe to all sites that are just making your email heavier. When you receive an important email, try to respond within 24 hours. That's how the person will know that you take your job or whatever seriously and you respond even if it's not important or you need to decline something.

2.HappyThankyoumorePlease. Be polite to people when talking or messaging. Say thank you and please more often to be more professional. Shake hands with people when meeting and leaving. Don't forget to smile :)

3. Seek people you want to work with. Try to find people that are in your niche and that you would like to work with. Don't be happy with just leftovers. LinkedIn is great for setting up your page with experiences and connect with other people. Try it. I am thinking about creating a new profile and take LinkedIn seriously.

4. No more #, LOL, ROLF...What the . . . is that anyway? Try speaking more professionally. Practice in class, have your own presentations, try to speak at a conference, ... You can gain so much if involving in public speaking.

5. Private is private. It's time to keep your drunk images for yourself and not for your whole facebook. If you think that pictures can still appear somehow on the internet, delete them from your phone. Also facebook doesn't want to know if your heart if broken, if you date 10 guys at the same time, etc.

Are you using some of those tips? What do you do to be more professional? Would love to hear from you.

                                                                     Love, M.


  1. That's true, but it could also be a part of professionalism in your own way. Thanks for your opinion and for reading :)

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