May 19, 2015

Festival equipment

So I spent my weekend enjoying the Kvarnerfest in Rijeka, which is a well known festival, where tons of young people enjoy concerts and amusement park and that is pretty cool. I'm not sure if there is a thing like that in our city, but since I've got like 20 minutes to Rijeka from where my boyfriend lives, we decided to go take a look. It was fun. I finally saw the Beatles revival band, they were amazing. The prices are so cheap, I spent 30kn for one day's ticket, which is about 5$. I know, right?

The weather was not very pleasant, but during the day it was hot as hell, so I didn't take any jackets with me to the concert. But it got very cold in the evening. That made me think about this post about what not to forget if going to festivals. Anyway, if you are planning to spend the night there of course you'll take a jacket. It really get cold outside.

Festival must have

So like I said, during the day it gets so hot you can melt. That's why it's really important to take care of your skin. Choose an oil or a cream with SPF, and don't forget about your face. L'occitane has some creams with SPF, so that could be a great choice. Even if wearing cream, put on sun glasses (to protect your eyes of course) and a hat to protect your hair. I think you can now buy also a hair spray that protects your hair from the sun.

Wear a nice middle size bag where you can put all the things you'll need. Wet wipes are life saver on festivals. If you're going to eat something or if you go to the toilet, wet wipes are handy to wash your hands if there's no water nearby. Also put a big scarf in your bag so if it gets cold and you don't have a jacket, you can use your scarf to heat you up a bit. Or find a handsome stranger that will offer you his jacket.

Make sure you water yourself :) And not (only) with alcohol. Try to drink a glass of water after every glass of alcohol. That's also why you won't have hangover the next day, yay! Thanks Loving from Berlin! :)

Don't forget to take a camera and share your moment. Enjoy! :)

Tell me, what's in your festival bag? What are your must-haves if going to a festival?

                                                                           Love, M.


  1. I love that rucksack! Sunscreen and water are definitely at the top of my list!


  2. So true...it's little but handy. Also pastel colors are so in this year.

    Thank you so much for reading, enjoy and welcome again :)


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