May 15, 2015

Color therapy

When I went to L'occitane's skin treatment I wore a magenta shirt and I looked just like a peony from their collection :) A seller there told me it's great to wear colors that can produce some great feelings and emotions in you. I was thinking about that and decided to share some tips with you on what to wear in some occasions and when to avoid a particular color to bring you success and happier life.

Color therapy

1. Purple is great when you have your period. Research show than wearing purple can calm your menstrual crams. I wear purple 2 days before my period just in case. Also, purple in known to represent wisdom and spirituality. I own some purple yoga clothes too.

2. Yellow. Maybe in a job interview you can avoid yellow color if you want to be successful. It could look like you're critical and non-emotional. But otherwise yellow can fill you up with optimism and confidence. Wear it if you need to make serious and clear decisions. Yellow color stimulates your nerves and purifies the body.

3. Green is such a great color. I bet when you say green you think about nature. That's right. Green color represents the love of nature, family and friends. You can wear it on your family dinners or when you spend time with friends. It cares about your balance and makes you a great listener. Also it can relieve stress and restores energy. Green is also known as a color of luck and makes you more emotionally balanced.

4. Aqua as a part of green color is a color of spirit and can heal emotions. Great! I could totally wear an aqua amulet on my necklace.

5. Black on the other hand can make you unfriendly because of it's power, so don't wear it for your job interview if you don't know how to wear black properly. Anyway it can make you strong and formal, like you have the power and control. It's also great to hide feelings and fears but it can protect you from stress too.

6. White represent purity and perfection. It can help you if you have to be creative and organized. It helps you reflect something and also represents how clean you are.

7. Blue. You can totally wear blue on your job interviews, public speakings, work, etc. It shows that you're a team player, your calm and serenity. It helps you lower the body temperature and soothes illness and treats pain. But careful! Blue can also create sadness.

What do you think? Which color do you wear the most? I can say I'm so afraid of white. I never wear it. I own a white shirt but thank god it has print on.
Will you now be more careful or try any of this colors in some situations to test if it's really like science says? :)
                                                                     Love, M.

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