May 13, 2015

L'occitane peony skin care

I received an invitation for L'occitane's peony skin care treatment maybe a week ago. I read that mail and forgot about it. This morning I woke up thinking, there's something great I didn't go to. I opened my mail and searched for that invitation. I sent them my application and an hour later a beautiful voice on the other side of telephone invited me to come to their special and rich face treatment. Obviously I accepted. I was so excited!

I'm in love with L'occitane. I own so much of their products. It's French and it's great. It's great that they offer travel size products in lovely little make-up bags when new collection releases. I buy it like, always. My (great and beautiful) friends know that on my birthday, I want nothing more than a thing from L'occitane. That's also why I love'em.

Anyway, I came into our L'occitane store and Martina, the nicest seller on the planet, shake my hand and started with my treatment. I mean, those girls could totally be my best friends. They are so nice, funny and smiling all the time. I wish I could work there too. It'll be my perfect little job.

So Martina cleaned my skin with Peony perfecting mist. Now that I'm home, I need that product! My skin accepted the texture, creams  and the mist beautifully. The seller said that my skin's hydration level is 64/70, which is great! Means that I take great care of my skin. Than she massaged my face with Peony perfecting cream and than she applied the lighter CCcream with SPF!! It looked like the whole treatment and products were made for my skin. I was super impressed by the awesomeness of the CCcream, so I got one for free. Yay!

Thank you L'occitane again. I will always love you.

                                                                                  Love, M.

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