May 13, 2015

Loving from Berlin, I welcome you

Just like I said in my Finding my Niche post, some changes were made on my blog. I renamed it and I'm so happy with the way it looks  now. I will post different topics from now on, no more just write something because you haven't done anything in a week and more psychology, travel, organizing and well, who knows what.

                                                                         Photo source

I decided to keep all my old posts on the blog so we can all see the progress I made and will make from now on. If I will gain more readers, I'm planning also a subscription to my blog.
You will plan with me when I go travel, I'll write my progress in moving to Berlin for a while and yes, you will know when I finally finish my college. That could also be a reason of totally changing my blog.

Now I'm heading off to L'occitane's skin care treatment with Peony. I hope they haven't totally sold out The discover Peony bag with goods, I would like to have one really bad. That travel size products are great :)

                                                                               Love, M.

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