May 11, 2015

Finding my niche/blog under construction

A while ago I found a blog that got me reading and reading from it's first to last post. I don't usually follow blogs with that intensity, but that one really kept me reading. I have a tab of it opened on my chrome and I check every day what's new. This one is a travel blog from WOW, and with The TCP the two of them form my daily blog checklist. I follow The college prepster for two years now and I'm still impressed of Carly. I adore her. Too bad she lives in NYC, I mean so far away from me, I love NYC too, but I would love to meet her. Such a talented lady. Her blog is more a lifestyle one.

Before I launched The mint cup of tea I barely knew nothing about blogging, except that I'm starting to swim with sharks in a bloggers world. I've been blogging for almost a year now and still I think there's something wrong with my blog (my perfectionism, I know). When I purchased this template I got now, I was so happy. My blog started to appear better. But still there was/is something missing.

I always knew my blog would be a lifestyle blog. We have tons on beauty bloggers and buying make up and writing posts about it all the time isn't really my thing. No offence, beauty bloggers, I love to read you, you share great advice and true reviews that help me a lot when buying something new. But you really need to be a bb person to run a blog like that.

So since I'm approaching my Bachelor's degree in psychology with speed of light, I'm thinking to turn my blog more in a psychology way, with more advice on (mental) healthy living, tips on how to overcome something and some tricks only psychologist know. Also I'm planning to share some travel tips. I tend to be highly organized when packing and travelling. Coming to a new city now knowing where to sleep kind of freaks me out. Maybe I'll post a diary on my overcoming anxiety progress (that could be something, right)?

I'm still not sure if I will just delete posts I didn't like until now or not. But sure will take these steps:
1. I need an editorial calendar.
2. Every day I will read at least 10 posts and comment on posts I like. That's how my blog will get recognized.
3. Work on promotion. In real life and on social media. I'm going to make a plan and share it with you.
4. Bigger isn't always better. So I will post frequently, but if I'll be stuck for a day that's okay.
5. I need to improve my photography.
6. Change my name? You tell me.

That's it. I can do it, right? So tell me, how did you find your niche? Did you know from the very start what you want?

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