April 27, 2015

Tuscan home

I was in my bed nervous about my last few exams in my senior year when my boyfriend said Why don't you write a blog post? So here I am. I was planning our trip to Tuscany in the last days. Since I need to overcome my travel anxiety this could be great starting point. I don't already think about all that, but I'm sure I'll have problems with it. I'm wondering if I can take my chihuahua with me? Thinking about Tuscany really warms my heart. I love those little brown and beige villages, I watched so many Italian movies based in Tuscany and I just feel that place.
Also I love their interiors. Mediterranean and Tuscan. Great. Great colors, great style. Of course I needed to do a collage about it.

Tuscan home

I love their sense of design when they don't even think about it :) Their ceilings are all painted and those great chandeliers, omg. I seriously can't wait to go there. I think Cinque terre will buy my heart.

Until then, I can enjoy browsing pictures and planning.


  1. I've always wanted to visit Tuscany! the architecture looks astonishing :) I hope you have a lovely trip! x


  2. It's true. I booked a hotel with painted ceilings, can't wait to see that.
    Thanks for kind wishes, have a great day. x


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