July 16, 2015

Beach essentials

Remember how much I adore summer? Yes, even now with 40°C, I still love it. Reading my book in the sun at 4-5 p.m (of course I stay in before noon when the sun can be harmful!), breathing that summer air is something I wish for a whole year. And now I really enjoy it. Anyway if I wouldn't look like a fool I would always go to the beach with a luggage. I need so much things if I'm away for the afternoon. But yea, I bought a big flamingo bag in C&A and now that's fine for me (and stuff I really need) - can't find it on the internet right now, but I'll take a photo of mine. I never leave for the beach without those little treasures:

1. Nivea sun protect & bronze. I love Nivea products, they suit well to my skin. This tan activating oil is perfect for me, I sparkle a bit when I put it on and it smells delicious. I use it aaalways between 9 a.m - 4 p.m, even on my face, yes, I know.

2. For my face glow I adore Melvita's carrot oil. Even if my skin is a total opposite of being dry this oil is pampering my skin. Rich in antioxidants and provitamin A!

3. After 4 p.m (or when I finally get out of the house) I use Afrodita - marmelada. It's a Slovenian brand "jam", smells like one and well, haven't tasted it (yet). It helps you get tanned faster. I ADORE this product, it was sold out here so people from Afrodita told us they cook another pot of it so now it's on 20% sale :)

4. L'occitane perfecting mist is the best. After my skin care at their store I went back two days later and bought  this treasure. I don't use a lot (or any) make up when I'm home so I just spray this mist on my face here and there. I feel brand new and full of energy :)

5. Similar to that perfect mist is Radenska naturelle spray. It helps your face being hydrated. This product is cheaper (around 3€), so I use it more frequently. This weekend when me my bestie had a picnic, we used this spray also on hands and legs because it was so hot.

6. Lips, lips, lips! Did you know that your lips are so much more exposed to the sun than other parts of your body? So fragile and thin, often chapped? You need to take care for them too! I use Catrice caring lip balm Kiss the sun. It contains SPF of 20, yaay!

7. After a long day on the beach Afrodita's mystic argan shower gel is all I need. Fresh, smells like heaven and leaves a great scent that makes my day complete.

I wonder what do you bring to the beach? :)
                                                                       Love, M.


  1. hehe, I giggled at the thought of bringing luggage to the beach when we just need the right essentials. you've put together a great list here!

  2. I'm just reading about how to pack light, but I'm not sure if I could ever be able to do that :D Thanks for reading and taking time to comment :)

  3. I giggled too. I bring bags with me wherever I go! I was made fun of for bringing about 3 bags to the beach last time we went. Can't imagine adding one more, but I might have to after this awesome list!

  4. Jenn_BecauseImCheapJuly 25, 2015 at 4:59 PM

    Always be prepared! I'd only add a book to my list.

  5. I bring a beach bag with me anytime I visit the beach. It's hard not to pack stuff. Great list!

  6. StressFreeMommies Ros EmelyJuly 25, 2015 at 10:20 PM

    great list! I never thought about oil and now I will try one specially if it has anti-oxidants and vitamin A.

  7. I need to try that argan shower gel! Thanks for sharing, Mikela!

  8. That's one of the best shower gels! Great scent. Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment :)

  9. I started using oils this year, but I'm already impressed :) Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment :)

  10. Right? We need everything :) Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment :)

  11. Oh totally, magazines and books. I forgot that but I never leave to the beach without books. Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment :)

  12. Jenn up here just reminded me about books! Another bag :D Thanks for reading and commenting :)


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