July 27, 2015

10 things I have learnt from traveling

Oh you know my travel bug. It's getting bigger and bigger. YES MY DEAR READERS, I FINALLY PUT MY ANXIETY ON SIDE AND WENT FOR TWO DAYS IN KRK ISLAND, CROATIA. *applauding* This is BIG for me. I'm happy and can't wait for my next trip to Pula, Croatia, Tuscany in September and Zagreb, Croatia in October.
Aside from my packing issue (I can't pack light and still haven't learnt anything here yet) travelling gives me a billion opportunities to learn something new while being abroad. I always leave and come back a little different than I was before. Here's what I've learnt so far:

1. People are strange, when you're a stranger. Apart from a little bitter experience with immigrants in Berlin washing your car on crossroads while you wait for the light to turn green and being extremely rude, people are nice. It's always better not to talk to strangers if you see no one is around (because they won't probably talk to you either) or on subways. Just put your headphones on and listen to music or just imagine it:) That way no one will bother you. If you want any info about how to get somewhere, ask in a restaurant (and buy yourself a coffee) or ask younger around you. I've been travelling for years but I've never had any bad experience with people.

2. Act like a local. That's how you'll avoid getting robbed, disturbed or bothered.

3. Never ever forget your medicines at home. Sickness, diarrhea, headache are just a few problems that sometimes you just can't avoid. Let your doctor know where you're going and he'll know what you need. Or just google it. Don't forget about contraceptive pills.

4. Being sick on a boat and don't have any medicines? Press your P6 acupressure point, two or three fingers below your wrist. It helps!

5. A copy of your documents is a must.

6. Learn to bargain.

7. You totally need to buy a good and comfy pair of shoes. When exploring a new city, I recommend walking. You'll be impressed how many calories you can burn. What are eating for dinner? Junk? Great!

8. ALWAYS trust your instincts. Your body and mind always know best.

9. Keep in touch with your family. Let them know where you are currently and how long you'll stay there. And yes, calling mom is always a great idea if being homesick. I'm homesick all the time when travelling, as much as I love it :)

10. Calm down, breathe in, capture moments. If you feel like doing nothing is a great idea, do it. Enjoy the place, explore the nature, eat and watch the sunset. A must.

I really can't wait your lists, what has travelling taught you? Ever thought about a fake wedding ring while travelling?

                                                                              Love, M.

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