August 11, 2015

Fresh summer salad to try ASAP

Hi my dear readers. This is my first post from my very first brand new Macbook pro! So far-so very good. Adore this little thing. So now I'm sitting on my massage chair in the living room with my boy watching Gordon Ramsay's something and laughing so hard my stomach hurts. I love him. Great man.

Also, this Sunday I came from my summer vacations in Pula, Croatia. I'm planning on writing an interesting blog post, so keep reading and stay tuned, like they say :) My summer vacations brought me a lot of weight, so I'm being on a pegan diet for some days now and I feel good. I read I mustn't work out more than an hour pro day because of what I eat, so that could be a little problem, but anyway. I'm eating sooo much fresh greens, salads, coconut milk, ... There's one salad that didn't go out of my mind, it was so rich I was full and didn't eat until evening. Luckily I snapped a few photos so I can share this super recipe with you. Try it ASAP!


- Fresh green salad
- Rucola
- Cherry tomatos
- Black olives
- Feta cheese
- Salmon
- Parmesan cheese if you want.

For the dressing you will need:

- Olive oil
- Mustard
- Salt and Pepper
- Basil
- Yogurt (could be Greek if you like)
- Honey (optional)

Mix and enjoy, simple as that. I love it. How do you keep your weight on track in those hot summer days?
                                                                       Love, M.

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