August 13, 2015

Best beaches in Pula

Dearest readers! Like I told you in my Summer salad's post, here are my favourite beaches around Pula, Croatia. I was travelling there this year, exploring the great city I love so much, great places no one knows about, hidden spots and bars,... People there are so nice, they come and talk with you about anything (in my case well, my dog) and their stalls in the city offer a whole bunch of excellent home made goods. Yay, finally someone like me :) But most of all, I love spending hours on the beach, reading my books and smelling fresh summer's air. Those are the best beaches you need to see if travelling around Croatia:

1. Valbandon: It's about 10 minutes drive from Pula. You can leave your car around a giant football pitch and take a quick walk to the best and least filled beach I've ever seen. The water is pure, warm and you can swim long enough to burn some extra calories :)


2. Punta Christo: Taking a walk from Valbandon's beach there is a (previously) Austrian fort, called Fort Punta Christo. Around there you can enjoy several lonely beaches that make you feel like you're on Maldives :) Extremely important: go diving! You won't believe what you can find. Also you can find me there this end of the month, where there'll be a giant festival, Dimensions.


3. Hawaiian beach: No, I'm not ending my Hawaii or Maldives talk. Hawaiian beach lies behind Park hotel in Verudela. You can guess why is it called like that. If you can't find it, ask some locals for "HAVAJKA". And no, there aren't any sharks. Here's picture that say's it all:


4. Medulin: The local sand beach in the heart of Medulin, on the left side of a theme park. Can't miss it. Could be crowded, but not in the evening. Try going there early in the morning to avoid a lot of people, or decide to go for a night swim, I adore that.

So, which one do you like best? Ever been to one of these?
                                                                         Love, M.

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