August 22, 2015

What to do with your professional life

I was faced with a problem I saw a lot of people have. I got a job in a tea house, which is a job made for me. I enjoy working (my ass out) there, I feel good being surrounded with people like them, so funny and nice. Even the owners are so friendly they could be my friends. When I got back home from my interview my dad was so frustrated knowing where I will probably work for some time. "You will work in a bar, full of rude guests that will make you do their coffee three times because you won't know how to do a perfect milk foam and they will be angry if you will bring wrong glass for their beer etc. Like, what is wrong with working in a bar? And this isn't a bar, is a tea house.

Nevertheless I respect people working in bars. They are hard-working, they need to keep everything clean and nice, look good even if they're having a bad day and be nice to customers. I also didn't know which glass goes with which beer, but the friendly owner and my "mentor", like I call my colleague at work taught me everything. It's great, I feel great and customers also. I am nice to them and they don't have a single problem with anything. My job is to bring them what they like and let them enjoy their free time.

So what is with those talking s**t about working there or anywhere? Are people so full of experience they don't let you live your own dream?

I know how it is to have goals and dreams you cannot reach (yet). For me, having my own tea house with superfoods is something I would die for. And I'm not even for a second thinking about rude customers. Because you do what you love. So the best advice is to follow your dream. Of course being supported by family plays a major role in your professional life development, but at the end, who will you work for? Your parents or yourself? So make yourself happy and do your best to become what you've always wanted.

Do a little research. How to start your own business, what do you need for that. Try searching for a partner, work with a friend. Brainstorm. Work some additional hours to save some money. Trust me, you will need it. Don't forget the rent, equipment, logos, marketing...

Keep a portfolio or a journal, where you write everything that you've learnt so far, what kind of skills do you have etc. Could be great to present that in an interview where you would like to work so much, right?

I'm doing everything I can to follow my dreams. I'm thinking and browsing for information about opening my own business. Don't worry if you would like to open a bar and you're a lawyer now, maybe you'll have the best beer in the country. Maybe you'll bake the greatest cakes even if you're a designer. Maybe you'll have an amazing cleaning service foreigns will love even if you're a teacher now. But you certainly don't know that if you don't try.

I'm wondering where do you work, is that your dream job? If not, deep inside you, where would you like to work?
                                                                      Love, M.

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