September 14, 2015


Of blogging! I started my blog last year after a few bad choices in my life. I needed something that maybe it'll go viral and where I could write my little stories and inspirations. I always wanted to write a book, did you know that? But now, after a year of blogging, I know this is so much better than that. First my blog was called The mint cup of tea, because of my great love of teas. Anyway, that blog was a phase when I needed to find myself in a bloggers (as I say shark) tank. I'm still trying to figure out where I most fit, The MCT blog was more in a fashion/beauty niche, but Loving from Berlin is something bigger. It's something that I'm not afraid to tell people about, something that I'm proud of. Now I fit more in a lifestyle niche. I relaunched my blog with a new name so people would be a part of my story about moving in a new city, tips and tricks about that and still to see what's going on with my personal life. That's how Loving from Berlin was born.


Until now, I've written 86 posts :) Seems so little, but so much at the same time. I took 86 nights for myself and for this little virtual space I'm creating. I gained some followers and so much readers, Thank you all with all my heart. I adore every single one of you. Thanks for every little comment you took time to write and share your opinion with me/us. I now know a lot more people that inspire me every day, I became friends with some great bloggers around the world. I started with making soaps, teas, cosmetics, my columns in my mother language. I started working in a tea shop and I became a psychologist.

If you asked me what I've learnt this year, I would need a biiiig piece of paper. The most important thing for me is (and here's where I struggle most) creating a perfect content that would fit my readers and keep them coming back for more. That's why I don't post every day, but still frequently. I think my blog would loose a bit of a charm with everyday posting. But who knows, maybe someone would like to work with me and my blog would expand, we never know.

Next, my little advice: live your life fully. That's how I come up with ideas for new posts and little pleasures for my shop or social media. You don't know where life would take you. Travel, enjoy, eat, read, go have fun, write, write and write. Find something beautiful in a new city, look at the big buildings and search for something no one sees.
Also, follow your favourite bloggers on social media. That's the most important thing for me if I want to be and stay inspired.

I honestly don't have an idea where my blog would turn into the next year. I'm happy with what I've achieved and who I've become, but I'm already learning new things and exploring around searching for new posts for you to read.


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