March 7, 2016

The best woman in the world

Hello my dear readers! The last blog post was only in my mother language, so I owe you this one. I just have a few hours left until going to work and this is the best time to drink a coffee and write a blog post. As you know tomorrow is the international women's day. Are you planning to do something extra? Do you "celebrate" it?

I was reading about how the role of women changed among years and I still think that we (women) are not totally independent yet. Of course thanks to great movements we have become stronger, more powerful and less scared. The 8th March is celebrating women's achievements through history. In our country there isn't so much going on this day, it feels just like regular any other day. But let's take a look in other countries. In Russia, women's day is kind of big deal. Also in USA the 8th March represents the international peace day.

Why is it so important to celebrate a day like this?

Because with that, we support the great work great women do around the world to win more rights and shape a better and more tolerant society. We can't imagine how our role could be better, but think about women in other countries. India, perhaps? Many women around the world have great potential but remain unheard and by that can't live the life they imagined or realise their full potential. How would you feel?

It's great if someone remembers you on a day like this. It makes you feel good in your skin (because being woman is extremely hard but hey, that's what we wanted, right? Equal rights?), makes you feel stronger and beautiful. I got a great gift from L'occitane today, a little reminder how cool we are.

My father, as a true gentleman, takes us to lunch every year on the 8th March. Me and my mother get a bouquet of flowers, she gets red ones, I get more pinky ones. It's great, feels good to be important to someone.

In the matter of speaking, who is the best woman in the world you know? 

In my opinion, absolutely my mother. Yes, I know, we have a day reserved for mothers too, but anyway, my mother is like the strongest person alive. I rarely see her crushing. She is powerful, willing to help and stand up for you and herself thank god. I wish I could be more like her in this way. But anyway, we still have time to learn and teach.

Let me know in the comments about your best woman in the world. Do you celebrate the 8th March? How?

                                                                         Love, M.

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