March 9, 2016

How to storage makeup

Hello my dear readers! I just couldn't go on without doing nothing when I saw girls in our group discussing tips for makeup organisation. I went to Pinterest right away, saved a few pins and now, my dear fellow bloggers, here are some tips and tricks on how to storage and organise makeup when living in small space or rented room. Write down those ideas and go to Ikea, spend some money (not too much, plastic drawer dividers cost only a few euros) and really, reeeeallllyyy think about investing in an Alex drawer (IKEA). I own a few of them and they are really handy and spacious, also you can paint them the way you want. I will share with you some photos I found which I think are great to keep your things in order. I hope you will find some inspiration :)


Those are the plastic dividers I was talking about before. You can buy them in IKEA. The thing below, don't know how to call it, a plate? :) Is actually for cookies, but not in my house :)

This rack below is also from IKEA and I use too for my nail polishes. So handy. You can see all of them displayed right in front of you.

Explore also the old Ebay. Those organisers cost around 11$, but IKEA also offers a few of those for the same price.  Below are some ALEX storage ideas.

This is it. How do you storage your makeup? I use almost all of these ideas above. I have a big drawer full of dividers so I keep everything in order. Also remember to declutter! You can't actually use a gazillion foundations, right? Throw away!

    Love, M.


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  1. I love the nail polish rack! You did a really beautiful job organizing! Thank You for Sharing!


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