March 17, 2016

10 things I can't blog without

Hello my dear readers! Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday. I was preparing my new blog post and just when I put my photos in the post, I saw how awful they were!! The resolution was honestly so bad I couldn't set bigger photo because you wouldn't see a thing. My Photoshop expired so I need to fix that problem ASAP. I saved the post and decided to take some new photos and post it in the next days. So today I was thinking and doing things for my online store that's going to be alive in a few weeks (so nervous!) when I thought about what are the things I can't blog without. That's how this post was born.

1. My Macbook. I tried to post something from work in the library, but there isn't really my blogging atmosphere. I don't have my picture apps downloaded (and obv. cannot download a thing) and can't have all my needed tabs open. So my Mac is truly a gem when it comes to anything business or blogging related. Money well spent!

2. My notes and notebooks. When it comes to organisation, I'm a total freak. I own a few notebooks for blog planning, because I can't keep all topics inside my head. I'm thinking of making my own blogging planner and share it with you, so let me know if that could be something you would love.

3. My Pinterest account. To find inspiration. I was so pleased when I first discovered Pinterest. Heaven is a place on the internet.

4. Quiet room. Now my TV is open and it bothers me so much. When someone's watching TV or listening to music I put my headphones on and just listen to nothing :)

5. Social media. This should take like the 2nd place on this list. My blog is growing everyday because of social media marketing. Mostly people discover my blog directly from Facebook or Twitter.

6. A calendar, where I keep written down the big dates for a new blog post, for researching time, reading articles, meetings, etc.

7. My open heart. You really must be open for all sorts of information but at the same time don't let the wrong ones get it to you. It's hard to live like that, but it makes you a better person, more though when needed.

8. Clear mind. That's the main reason why I organise. Thinking about my work for tomorrow, about what I have to do, where to go, who to meet and blog at the same times leads to a shitty blog post, sorry bout that.

9. A cup of coffee and a C-vitamin. To relax and take time for myself, to produce quality posts.

10. Thinking of you, my dear readers. I always try to write a text you would like to read and keep coming to my blog. That's how we became a little family together and I appreciate your strong opinions and suggestions.

Now tell me, what are the things you cannot blog without?

 Love, M.

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