January 3, 2016

2015: a review

Oh 2015, I will miss you. You brought me a lot of new experience, new friends, lovely home and a lot of health. I will keep you forever in my heart. If I just compare the 2014 and 2015, I'd throw the 2014 away fast and live in 2015 for a bit longer. Oh man, what a year.


Top 5 moments:

1. The luxury trip to Krk, Croatia. I would go there again and stay a bit longer.
2. The joy when passing the hardest exam on the planet with a B!
3. The bliss on the biggest concert of two my favourite groups.
4. Diving fearlessly in summer.
5. First great job as a librarian!
6. I moved!

Blog progress:

1. In 2015 I got my first brand email that wanted to work with me. Thank you Licila.si. It means a lot.
2. New blog design that I love every day more.
3. I did my first Blogmas this year. It's been hard keeping up with posts since I worked + hours in the library and I was freshly moved.
4. I opened my first youtube channel. People think it's pretty cool. I also this so. :)
5. I got a new camera and improved my blog photos so much. I'm now using a Canon 700d.

Personal growth:

This year was so peaceful. I learned so much about how to listen to myself and my body. Now I finally know when my body needs some time to chill. For example. Before New year I was working too much and not listening to myself so much and on Jan 1st I got sick. That's what happens. I took a major step forward and have started with fighting my anxiety. Success! I can't say my problems are gone but I feel much better. I now know how to help others with the same problems.

What I discovered:

1. Some amazing new friends I now can't live without. Seems funny how people change, friends come and go but the true ones stay and last forever.
2. New places I loved and want to visit them again.
3. Ice-skating. WOW! Didn't know it is such fun! Love it.

Thank you all who were with me writing my story in 2015. I hope we will stay connected also in 2016. Thanks for your support. It's a great fun blogging for you guys! Tell me how did you like my blog in the last year and what do you want to see more on my blog? Any post suggestions? Let me know in the comments.

                                                                     Love, M.

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