December 8, 2015

Blogmas #8 - Rough luxury and Love, joy, care

Bonjour readers!

Feeling better today, taking care of myself and drinking tea :) Today I taken my "nanny" to the hospital (nothing serious) and went later just to check out is something new is in our store. Well, it was. Catrice and Essence had new line and I needed to buy those products. Not all of them, just a couple to review. What can I say, just as much as I was disappointed  with the last collection by Catrice, that much I am excited now. The new line is divine, great package and great products.  Let's let started!

Starting with Catrice, I bought myself a gorgeous festive red lipstick. The package is stunning, so is the color. It's in C02 - Rustic red. Love it. Very Decembery (just made this one up). The next thing Catrice Rough luxury lip oil in C01 - Cozy cashmere. Well, well, well. I am NOT a fan of lip oils and lip glosses and nothings glossy at all. But! This caring lip gloss contains almond oil, it's not sticky at all, great scented and my lips are loving it! So glad that there is 15 ml of the product, I'll have this one for a long time :) The last thing from Catrice is Frosted matt effect top coat is average, but cool one for winter. I don't mind glossy nails but this one makes a really good frosted effect. And the whole collection is very affordable.

Essence launched their Love, joy care line and it's totally like the name says - caring, enjoying, cozy,... I got their lip oil also (what happened to me with this lip oils), 01 - I'm feeling gooood! That's how I feel too when using it. It contains vitamin c, jojoba oil, avocado oil and has a very cherry scent. Yum! This one is better than the Catrice one, I wish it could be in 15 ml too.
I also got the Colour and care NATURAL!!! nail polish in 02 - I care for you. It does. It makes my nails strong and very mild pinky. Just great. Goes very well with all od my Christmas sweaters.

Before applying the nail polish, I massaged my nails with the Love-joy-care smoothing cuticle and nail care oil (another oil?) with vitamin E, avocado and soya oil. Not a fan of soya at all, but this product is my favourite. It smoothes my cuticles so well it deserves a A+! Never had a product like this.

The nail polish remover pads is without acetone - that's the first reason for buying it. Did I mention it's apricot scented? Yum! It does it's work better than any other pads that can be bought by a price so low. Loving it. Not even to mention the hand butter creme, smells delicious. I feel so good pampering myself with all this products. Adore them.

I'm now going to try those little eye pads that I put in the fridge before:)
Did you try any of those products? How did you like them?

                                                                              Love, M.

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