December 7, 2015

Blogmas #7 - Happy holidays or Merry Christmas?

Hello my dear readers! I'm feeling sick today. I've worked and tried to chill a bit at my work place but I couldn't. I think there so much stress going on that I don't feel festive yet. Tomorrow is my first day off in December and I'm going to enjoy it totally. I'm going to Triest and do some shopping to feel only a bit better.

But today, I wanted to talk about something different. I know there are a lot of debates about the two sayings. Merry Christmas or Happy holidays? If I wouldn't know why are people discussing this, I would say Merry Christmas. I say it very British and I love how it sounds.

But in the other way. People say that if you work in a retail store, you should always say Happy holidays and that's what can also bring you more customers. Anyway, it's true that with saying Merry Christmas you can easily offend someone. We live in a world full of different races, religions, personalities...And some people really don't care, but some do. With Happy holidays you're safe, but on the other hand it's Christmas that makes the holidays so festive, real, full of lights, presents, decorations, music, movies,...That's why I adore Merry Christmas more.

For ending this topic here, from my point of view if working in a retail store and wondering about increasing your money and sell more, you should at the first point feel good, festive, be NICE to the customers, try to help them in the best way possible, ask them something nice and at the end just wish them a nice, warm December, to be happy with their families or loved ones, stop the stress and enjoy festive time, because it passes by so quickly.

How do you feel about this topic? Leave me a comment below.

                                                                         Love, M.

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