December 9, 2015

Blogmas #9 - La vie est belle

Everyone was talking about this Lancome perfume, so I waited for sales and hopped in the shop to buy the little one. It was worth the wait, this is something so strong and great I wear it everyday. My friend said it's a bit more evening perfume, but I can use it all day long, especially is working long hours. It keeps me alive.

La vie est belle is totally my fragrance, floral and fruity, fresh and savory, it fills me with life and power. It contains jasmin, iris, orange blossom and patchuli, my favourite scents. It stays strong for so many hours when wearing it and everyone talks about how great is my perfume. The package  is also magnificent, like for a princess, and the box has glitter on, yay!

What are you wearing this December? Leave me a comment below :)
                                                                             Love, M.

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