December 10, 2015

Blogmas #10 - Gift for St.Nicholas

In our country we have a tradition to bring gifts twice in December, on 6th we celebrate St. Nicholas, and usually the gifts are smaller than for Christmas, maybe only chocolates, sweets, some candles, mandarines, oranges, socks,... But my significant other had something else in his mind for this year. I swear I didn't know a thing what will I get, he really surprised me.

I got this wonderful (totally in my colours) gift set by Melvita cosmetics. I couldn't speak for some time. Although I'm a big fan for local brands, this was my first time I got something from Melvita. I totally wanted to try those products.

In this box I got 50 ml of Extraordinary oil that was made in colab with goldsmiths. Together they had chosen the best nourishing oils ever and mixed them in a beautiful synergy.  It's made of argan oil from Morocco, Kendi oil from Indonesia and Buriti, Inca Inchi and Pracaxi oils from Amazonia. I just adore this oil. I use it mostly on my face, the feeling is soooo good! Oh and it smells wonderful. It really is like a jewel on my face, the final product is my soft, nourished and shiny skin.  6/5 :)
The next thing I got is 250 ml of Extraordinary shower gel. Also love it, I just think the oil is more concentrated, so it smells really great. The gel is too liquid for my taste, but still gets 4/5.

Did you try those products? How do you like them?

                                                                                Love, M.

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