December 11, 2015

Blogmas #11 - Christmas deco

Hello dear readers! Today again a bit more holiday-inspired topic, home decorations for holidays! I make my tree on 1st of December. Can't forget about my little Christmas village. I love those little figures that I put them in the "snow". I wish I could buy a little train in expand my village a bit, but those things are so expensive...If you know where could I get something a bit cheaper, let me know in the comments :)


This year I have much bigger christmas tree than other years, because I moved and I picked a lot of pastel ornaments and candy canes. I never eat them, never :) Also a lot of tea choices are a must for holidays, different coffees and hot chocolates. I wish the Diptique candles would be a bit cheaper, but I still have a lot of Yankee candles to use by then.

What are your favourite Christmas decorations?

                                                                       Love, M.

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