December 5, 2015

Blogmas #5 - Would you rather Christmas edition tag

My dear readers. With yesterday's post we hit 100 post, can you imagine?  I'm so happy and thankful, I'm really becoming a different person with this blog and by that, I mean the personal growth. Yesterdays was also my dear friend's first post on LFB, check it out here, click click. She will work with me on some beauty projects, so I'm very glad she decided to be a part of this world. Thank you Andreja, love you.

Today it's the blogmas day 5 day :) My friend Ajda from The beauty corner started the Would you rather Christmas edition on her blog so I decided to also be a part of it too.

 Coal for makeup or pine needles for hair.
Coal for makeup, if I really need to pick only one :)

 Nose like Rudolph or ears like an elf.
This one is easy - totally nose like Rudolph. And his ears, not the elf ones.

 Meet the ghosts of christmas past or the ghost of christmas future. 
Maybe the future, I don't think about the past, it's passé :)

 Give or only receive presents for the rest of your life. 
This one is hard. My inner voice is screaming: receive!!! But I'm not that selfish.
Eat turkey without gravy or sprouts everyday for the rest of your life.
Well, turkey. Love it. Also sprouts, but not so much.

 Carrot like nose or breath like the Grinch.
Breath like Grinch, because I could fix that :)

 Declare love for your boss at the Xmas party or receive the most embarrassing secret Santa gift.
Embarrasing secret Santa gift! 

 Be allowed no decorations or have to have them up all year round.
HAVE THEM UP ALL YEAR ROUND. And again and again. Love this time of the year.

 Sneeze egg nog or fart mistletoe.

 Wear elf shoes for a year or have Santa's beard. 
Well elf shoes are kind of cool, so yeah.

That's it. This was fun :) I laughed a lot with it. Sneeze egg nog, like what the heck is that? Like, sneezed egg nog? To give or to receive? Anyway, tomorrow I'm working until 5 p.m. so after that I'll be blogging (and maybe vlogging, who knows) all day long. I cleaned the apartment today so I'm busy with my blog tomorrow. See you!

                                                                          Love, M.

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