December 21, 2015

Blogmas #20 #21 - Winter reads

My dear readers! I'm happy that this Blogmas will soon be over, because working, living on my own and blogging every day isn't possible if you want to be 100% present in every thing and in every place. I admire my fellow bloggers that were Blogmas-ing this year. It's hard, true, but in the other way, it's so beautiful you can't stop. Some days I didn't blog and I felt such a guilt I needed to post a big and so much better post the day after that. For today I prepared a list of books that are on my To read list this December.

Winter reads

Emma Chase has good books for a quick read as I like to say. It means you can just chill, don't worry about a thing and just fall into the book. I'm starting the Overruled tonight.

My all time favourite AFTER books by Anna Todd are something I haven't read before. Her sense of keeping you nervous about what is going to happen, her passion for writing, her style of representing a bond between two people is unimaginable. I was so impressed when I read The 50 shades trilogy, but this is so much better than that. I bought her first three books and now I'm waiting for translated version of her fourth book. I'm planning to do a post just about her and her writings.

I'm travelling alone is a book I first saw before it was released and our library got a brief description of it. Love it. I'm reading it during my work time and it is incredible. And I only read romance and psychology-related books. But this one, this one is one of a kind.

I paid so much money for The girl on the train and Wild but I really needed those two on my bookshelf. I haven't read a lot of chapters of The girl on the train yet, but so far so good. Wild is an inspirational story about a girl searching for her meaning. It's very deep, I love it.

The book thief is a book I have read before but now I want to read it again. I watched the movie and was really impressed. Shocked. It left me with open mouth and tears in my eyes. There aren't a lot of books that push me beyond myself in sense that I feel the characters as they were near me, but After, this one and In order to live are just a few of them that make me feel different. Like I don't see reality as it is (what's wrong with me :)). In order to live is both sad and happy story, but it contains a lot of bitter details so I don't recommend it to people that are very sensible. I love it personally.

One day is a book for a cozy night in. I got it for my birthday and I didn't watched the movie because I wanted to read it first. I haven't read it all, but I like it so far.

What are you reading this December?

                                                                  Love, M.

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