December 19, 2015

Blogmas #19 - Practical gifts for bloggers

Another housewarming and my birthday 2 in 1 party is over and again I finally have some time for myself. By that I mean read the enormous amount of blog posts, comments, check my social media and of course write my Blogmas post. I was thinking to do best movies for this time of the year, but I came up with a much better idea - Gifts for bloggers.

Gift ideas for bloggers

I was thinking what gifts could be splendid if I received them as a blogger so here is my list. The first thing: books. As much as possible. All blog-related topics. The lovely Dana Fox from The wonder forest has some books that could be the best gift to give (or well, receive if my friends are reading this:)). Ever.
Anyway, any gold and cute desk accessories and stationary are a pleasant gift. Make sure your blogger friend doesn't already have a new 2016 planner. If not, buy one for him. We can't live without a few of them :) Personally I use 2 planners, one for blogging and one for everything else.
What else do we need? A coffee machine. A great and not so big coffee machine and milk foamer, that we could put in our brand new mug.

This is what we need. Aside from a lot of money to buy stuff to promote and review, great cameras and bluetooth speaker, some extra camera batteries, external drive and a big bag to put this in.

What would you like to receive as a blogger?

                                                                     Love, M.

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