December 18, 2015

Blogmas #17 #18 - GLITTER EYES

Omg, dear readers! I'm so in love with this trend. I first saw this glitter make up on a Chanel runway show. Looks so gorgeous! I'm now on a hunt for glitter make up, any thoughts where I could get some for a nice price? I'm looking on feelunique, since this is my favourite site for everything I need in my life :)


I think there are so many occasions where I could wear this make up. You can easily make a nice make up for work (since I'm wearing glasses and I'm always on a hunt for great bold looks for us). This Chanel look looks so simple and yet you can wear it for all kinds of parties. I'm going to wear it on Christmas eve! And new year. And Valentine's day. And every day.

Love it.

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