December 14, 2015

Blogmas #14 - I love Christmas tag

Hello my dear readers! Today I'll be doing the I love Christmas tag, which was posted on my friend's blog Beauty and the nature, check it out here, click, click. Lily was totally into her Christmas tag and of course I wanted to be a part of it since I'm in love with the Christmas and it's spirit so much. On Wednesday it's my 22th birthday and we'll have a little party, but for Christmas I'm planning to spend it by my boyfriend's house. Finally some time off to really enjoy the holidays. I'm planning also to do a Christmas tag vlog because my friends asked me so many question. I'm doing it, totally.
Anyway, let's get started with my Christmas taaaag.

1. What is your favourite Christmas color?

This one was easy, I wear white, red and green a lot. That's kind of traditional Christmassy, big red Santa sweaters, green hair accessories,... Love it.

2. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Oh, The Holiday, without a doubt. I could watch this movie every evening and be excited as the first time I saw it. Also Home alone is a must in those days. It's funny and you can watch it while packing your gifts:)

3. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Baby please come home by Michael Bublé. When I'm working this song is like 5 times on a radio and I sing along very loud: CHRISTMAAAASSSSSS, CHRIIISTMAAAS :) Also I find Lady gaga and Mr. Bennett's Christmas songs very interesting for this time of the year.

4. The most anticipated Christmas tradition?

Decorating and baking. I buy baking books before December so I'm ready for that. I'm planning to bake some spiced biscuits this year. And yes, decorating, I love it. I own a biiig tree with pastel ornaments and candy canes, a little Christmas village, lots of candles and lights, snowflakes on the windows, fake snow everywhere.

5. Is your tree fake or real?

Me and my grandfather used to pick up real trees when I was little, but I don't like it anymore. My tree is fake.

6. PJ's or fancy dress on Christmas eve?

Fancy dress. I buy myself a new dress every year before Christmas, with a bit of glitters and stuff, PJ's are only for the morning when opening gifts.

7. When do you open the presents - on the Christmas eve or on the Christmas morning?

Depends - if I'm home, then on Christmas eve, because I get my presents early. If I'm with my boyfriend at their place, then on the Christmas morning.

8.  Do you believe in Santa?

Like Lily said, I always knew my Christmas presents are from my parents, but it's so nice to hear and read all those stories about Santa, his home town, "factory". I wish I could visit his village once :)

9.  What is your Christmas wish?

I just wish we'll be all okay and healthy for the next year, and also very successful.  I have big goals for the upcoming year, so yeah, that would be it.

10. Have you ever built a gingerbread house? 

Yes, last year, and I kept the house for the entire year! haha. I'm searching for another gingerbread house for this year, I love them.

11. What is your dream Christmas destination?

Oh, a big city with lots of Christmas markets and lots of Christmas spirit. Like Berlin.

12. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers?

Let me think....Cupid. Blitzen. Rudolph. Dancer. Dasher. Pranzer. Vixen. Comet and Donder? I think so? :)

That's it! I hope you enjoyed reading this. Feel free to tag yourself and your friends and do a Christmas tag on your blog as well. Some of the questions are already written in my diary for my video blog, I'll be online in a few days, so stay tuned.

                                                                           Love, M.

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