December 15, 2015

Blogmas #15 - Gift wrap ideas

My dear readers! I had such a productive morning. I filmed a vlog for my channel, I got ready for work, my apartment is clean and now I'm writing my blogmas post! Yay! I hope I could go to our capital in Thursday so I could buy gifts for Christmas and all the cool wraps. Here are some ideas, I love the chalk one, I own a few chalk pens so maybe this year this could be it.

Gift wrap

I'm also in love with those candy canes and cones. But gold is such my colour. What should I do? Gold and red and black go all so well together, so maybe I could choose a black paper, chalk and candy canes? I'm heading over Pinterest now, I need to get some inspiration.

Or maybe you can give me one? What do you have in mind for this Christmas gift wrapping?

                                                                     Love, M.

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