November 23, 2015

The big day

Hello my dear readers! I have soooo much to tell you. First of all, I wanna thank you again for my first 11.000 page views! You are incredible! I thank every single one of you, you are the inspiration for my posts. Also as this year was my first blog anniversary, my first 10.000 views, I reached more than 200 followers on Instagram (which, for me, is a lot to see so many people loving your work!).

But the other day, when it was my last moving day (about that: the post is coming soon, so keep reading) my dear postman rang the bell. Yes, I do have my favourite postman, so sweet guy. I got a package from Ličila.si, my all time favourite Slovenian cosmetics site. They offer a wide range of beauty products from brands like Revolution, EOS, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kardashian beauty, etc. It was my first time I got a package for review. I was and still am so happy. Thanks.

I got a Revolution ultra base corrector palette* and a Revolution Iconic pro lipstick - You are beautiful (FOD01). They included a small letter with a lot of kind words I nearly cried reading. It was a big day. I got recognised, yay! I could't wait to try those little treasures, but I needed to move in first. So now that that's over, I opened my goodies. I was so glad for the corrector palette, I needed that so bad. In fall/winter my skin becomes so pale and I have some issues with redness too so this product is so good like it was made for me.

I am a big fan of Revolution palettes, I have three of their eyeshadow palettes: Eyes like angels, Flawless and Affirmation. I use them all the time. Eyes like angels are a bit more hardcore, more bright, but I wear glasses so I use that palette when I go to work or to parties. Great pigmentation, great colours. 

I tried the You are beautiful Revolution Iconic PRO lipstick*. Light colour, a bit nude, but it wasn't nothing special. I loved it's package and scent though, yum! It's very smooth and the application is good too. I more a fan of dark lipstick colours, nude ones don't really fit me that good. You can get the Corrector palette (9,99 €) and You are beautiful lipstick (4,95 €) both on www.licila.si

What do you think? Do you know the Revolution brand? Do you use any of their products?

* Some of the products used in the posts may have been sent to me  for review.

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