November 3, 2015

Autumn: new in

Hello everybody!

I hope you are all feeling well, I hope you had a great Halloween's eve! I had a great time, my party was cool, we ate a lot and watched horrors, so thank you all who were there with me! My moving is also going pretty well, I think in about 2 weeks I'll be fully moved. Still don't have any first apartment checklists, so if you have one, please let me know!

These days were all about finding all the right cosmetics to fit in my autumn style. I heard the new Essence collection was launched, so I wanted to try those treasures. I also bought a new camera, now I own a Canon 700d that's making incredible photos already. I couldn't be happier. With this new equipment I'm thinking on launching my very first youtube channel!!! What do you think?

As I said before I wanted to have Essence Merry Berry collection so bad I was in the store everyday checking if the news have arrived. Finally, I was lucky on day three. The first thing I saw was the incredibly cute packaging of all products. Even the hair fragrance, which could be prettier, has a very sweet Merry Berry sign in the front of the bottle. I never had an urge so big to buy everything from a new collection stand, but this time I think the presentation made me to it, it's 10 out of 10!

Even though I have like a million nail polishes, this is always money well spent, like I love to say to my boyfriend and to my mother, who is constantly worrying about how much money I spend. But she's right, I spend too much. I'm starting saving my money, but I'll talk about that next time. So Merry berry nail polishes, called My golden pumps (01), The masket ball and Pink & perfect are, as the name says: perfect. My favourite one is Pink&Perfect, because of the shade it has on my nails. It's a hot colour that makes me think of lilies. Event the coverage is great. I'm not a big fan of Essence nail polishes, but this ones are great!

The scented gold dust power bought me (well, I bought it, but anyway:) with the packaging. I always wanted to have like a perfume or something packed like this dust. Whenever I'm leaving my house, I use it and instantly feel pretty. And it's very cheap, so you should try it too!

About this little lipstick, this is my favourite product from this collection. It's called let's the berry-tales begin and it's a dark purple one. Just magnificent. I feel like Zoella using it ;) No, really, it's a shade I've been searching for forever and finally, Essence has it! Yay! I think I'll buy another one, just to be sure that I'll have a back up :)

Those Merry berry eyeshadows are nothing special, although the package is, again 10/10. They look like a little 3d mosaic. I have the shades called The perfect dress, which is ok, the coverage is a bit poor but I like those little sparkles. The 02 Masked ball shade is a bit stronger so I like it better. I wore those two shades on Halloween and they were cool, but really nothing that special.
I also got a Merry Berry hair fragrance named I love my golden pumps, which smells divine, has little sparkles there as well, but sadly, the scent doesn't stay in my hair for longer than 15 minutes.

Other newbies:

Let me just say this, Naomi Campbell's new fragrance called Private is better than my Channel perfume. It's just the way it is. It's funny because fruity and sweet fragrances are a total opposite of perfumes that I like, but I sold my soul for this one. I spray if everywhere, on my hair, on my clothes, coats, everywhere. The scent stays there A FEW DAYS! That could only my Channel Mademoiselle perfume do, even though I own lots of perfumes. 1000/10 :)

I'll write another haul from Kiko Cosmetics, but I wanted to include this nail polish as my Autumn pick. It's a black power pro nail polish and it's package looks similar to those from Channel. Adorable. The coverage is good, looks like one of those gel nail polishes. This is my manicure for Halloween, I used this Kiko nail polish and the Merry berry gold one.

Also I replaced my Lancome mascara with this much cheaper one from Catrice cosmetics, called Luxury lashes ultra black volume mascara. So far, so good. And for the sweet end, I F I N A L L Y found the best foundation for my oily skin. Yay! Revlon colorstay 150 Buff foundation is my new love. I mix it with Bourjois Air mat foundation, so I'm taking care that my skin is also grateful and happy.

What do you think, have you tried any of these? How do to you like them?

                                                                            Love, M.

Ps. my boy started to call me Mimi, I think it's so funny I'll start using it :) So: Love, Mimi.

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