October 12, 2015

My L'occitane collection

You know that L'occitane en Provence, which name is so hard to learn to some people that some cool videos went viral on youtube? Well, this brand is my favourite brand ever. I'm cheering every time I see a new collection is coming. I'm going crazy for their shower gels and products for our skin. Most of all shower gels are cheap so I can afford them more than some perfecting creams. Nevertheless I buy the travel size products so I can try them anyway. Here's my collection of L'occitane's products.

1. Face care

I went on a Peony skin care treatment in our local L'occitane store, where I got this a-m-a-z-i-n-g Pivoine CC-cream that does miracles on my skin. When that lady tried those products on me, my face was like, in heaven. It accepted so well everything from this collection. Also the newest Aromachologie rebalancing face mask with mineral powders and essential oils is one of my favourite products L'occitane has ever made!! My face is reborn after using this mask, you need to try it asap!

 2. Fragrance

Well, those little luxuries were never bought by myself. My boyfriend loves their scent so he always rushes to the store to get the newest trio that I (need to - poor me :)) try later. So far I own La Collection de Grasse trio and Fleur de Cerisier, Roses et Reines and Verveine trio. In the latest package I got also this pretty little Pivoine Flora fragrance, which is to die for. 

My favourite fragrance of all is Iris Bleu&Iris Blanc. OMG, I could never get sick of this scent.

3. Body and bath

Like I said before, the two things I'm really obsessed with in my life are Lip sticks and shower gels. I own really a lot of them. It's so good I can use the one I like the most on a particular day.
I'm still deciding which one I like the most, but I think here also wins the Aromachologie revitalizing gel with essential oils like orange, mint, lemon, rosemary... After long work a shower with this gel makes me full of energy for the rest of the day.

4. Hair care

I have really problematic hair, really damaged but not dry at all. Once for Christmas my boy got me those shampoo and conditioner for hair repair and it worked! Probably I don't need to tell you how great scent those products have :)

5. Hands, hands, hands

 The main reason I love L'occitane's hand creams is their texture and how they really nourish and soften hands. And the main reason why I use them is winter. But this summer I found out that my skin is very dry, so that's for those treasures my problem was solved. This one from Arlesienne collection is my favourite.

The winner?

Like I said before, I totally fell in love with the Aromachologie collection. I bought also a relaxing pillow mist  with lavender, bergamot, mandarin and sweet orange, but turns out I spray it not only on pillows but on entire bed, including my closet etc. I just love it. I also sleep much better when I spray the mist around.

Are you also a L'occitane's freak? Which product do you like best?

                                                                             Love, M.

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