April 7, 2015

How to pimp your apartment in a spring way

Hi dear readers. Having extraordinary cramps and being ill this time together (any tips on how to lower my cramps would be just great) and waiting for my boy to finally come home from the city had me thinking on how could we pimp our app a bit to really feel that spring coming to our home. I needed to browse pinterest and polyvore a bit. Except from everything bad health related that's happening to me I'm feeling great. I (maybe) (finally) decided to take a year off when I finish my college, you know, just to work and travel (don't know what am I going to do with my anxiety?). Today I had an urge so big to go back to my dearest and loveliest Berlin. Oh man, I miss you so. I already checked some apartments that can be rented for a month. Wouldn't that be just...dreamy? I would be able to explore every single corner or it, blogging from my great view room. Yes, I'm going back.

Anyway, here's what I found to (re)decorate your rooms in a spring way:

Spring app redecorating

C o l o r s. Yay! As soon as I get well I'm going to our new store that's opening this month, I think. It's called Mömax and from the news that I read today it'll totally be IKEA style. That means, lots of color and cheaaaapyy! About spring cleaning I'm planning another post so keep reading but that's definitely something my rooms need. A big, total, spring cleaning and redecorating. Some pastel candles, maybe a new bedding, a big bright lamp (that's my Nr.1) and some kitchen supplies to make my cooking even tastier.

That's what I'll purchase. What about you? Do you decor your space more springly? :)

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