April 4, 2015

Here are 50 facts about Mikela from The mint cup of tea

My dearest readers. It's on, it's official. my Etsy shop is here! I couldn't be happier. Please feel welcome to check it out. This is the reason why I wasn't blogging for a bit. Also, I passed my psychopharmacology exam with A- !!!!! I now have only 3 (easy) exams to do and my diploma is on just around the corner.
Hey, you are now reading a post about 50 facts about a future psychologist, that's right, me! Now since I've done a 20 things about me in my About me page, I'm just going to extend this version till' 50.
Thanks Fiza from Das rock haus for the nomination:) Enjoy reading.

One: Aside from psychology, I'm obsessed with nutrition and yoga. And blogging. And languages. 
Two: I'm a organization freak. Once a week a check out organization tags on Pinterest.
Three: I'm half German. Ich liebe es. Berlin is my dream and dearest city on earth.
Four: I L O V E dogs. When i move i'm going to have three dogs and no children. Yup. That's right.
Five: The biggest challenge for me is to write I uppercase.
Six: I suffer from severe travel anxiety. I worry how will I live away from my home.
Seven: I would love to sell my voice to cartoons.
Eight: I love taking notes on small notebooks or post-its.
Nine: I have very good grades, but i still think i don't know how to study:)
Ten: I've never broken a bone before.
Eleven: Turkish films, Turkish scarfs, Turkish food, Turkish language, Turkish names, anything Turkish please.
Twelve:The thing I hate the most about myself are my fears. The least favorite thing about my body is my hair. 
Thirteen: I'm terrified of the heights and dark. I cannot sleep without a dim night light.
Fourteen: My favorite month is December. I love my Christmas village, baking cookies, ice-skating.
Fifteen: I'm more spiritual than religious.
Sixteen: My feet are always cold. (As much as I love winter)
Seventeen: I kinda have an online shopping addiction. 
Eighteen: I have always wanted to write. Like Carrie Bradshaw did. In NYC, by the window, in a bright apartment. 
Nineteen: I love theater. I played roles for about three years in local theater. I loved it.
Twenty: I actually don't believe in fate.
Twenty one: I brush my teeth like 10 times a day.
Twenty two: I just opened my first Etsy shop and got into business!
Twenty three: My blogging role model is Carly from TCP (I read her blogs every day for 2 years now). I adore her. I wish so much we could met one day.
Twenty four: I use Pinterest for searching for business and bloging advice like crazy.
Twenty five: I'm having troubles when my room is messy.
Twenty six: I don't know what am I going to study for my master's.
Twenty seven: I am still learning how to take great blogging photos.
Twenty eight: I am sick most of the time. I mean, once a month for sure, even if I'm living healthy as....
Twenty nine: I still haven't taught my chihuahua how to do a high-five.
Thirty: I wish I could have my own apartment veerrryyy soon.
Thirty one: I wish I could go to Istanbul and learn Turkish.
Thirty two: I'm obsessed with shoes. 
Thirty three: And shopping.
Thirty four: I burn my old notebooks of subject I hated.
Thirty five: I don't go to church.
Thirty six: I always have to pay my library because I have books at home for so much longer than I supposed to.
Thirty seven: Books are my way of life.
Thirty eight: I think like Jane Austen.
Thirty nine: Shakespeare was is the king.
Forty: I thought forty is spelled f o u r t y. hahaha
Forty one: I don't listen to music so much anymore. Except when I'm driving. That's insane.
Forty two: Yes, I drive insane too.
Forty three: I have like 15 tabs opened on Chrome. Non stop.
Forty four:  Oh, that's right. It's forTY, but it's foUR.
Forty five: I wish I could be in Fiji right now.
Forty six: Pastel colors make me happy.
Forty seven: I love mint and lavander.
Forty eight: I am never late to work.
Forty nine: Lauren Conrad's blog is also on my reading list every day.
Fifty: I still think I don't know myself.


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