March 30, 2015

Opatija ladies

I spent this weekend enyoing the sun in the lovely Opatija. Oh, how much I love this place. It's like a mini Beverly Hills for me, full of hotels, beaches, incredible bars with great views and fashionable ladies. How do they manage staying so cool, I ask mysels. But my mom replies: you know that Croatians are always so fashionable. It's who they are.

Those ladies remind me so of the Parisians. They can sit alone in a bar, drinking wine and daydreaming with they perfect make up and hair. Or they meet with friends in the afternoon and chat about latest Who did what. I was sitting in a caffee near the sea and watching ladies around me. I was wearing a dress and my hair done pretty good too, but I wasn't even close to all those fashionable ladies around me.

I dream to have a little house or app with the seaview in Opatija. I enjoy staying so close to the sea, I would buy local food in the market nearby and would live a totally mediteran life. Oh, pretty life..

Now I totally have some studying and shopping to do.


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