March 22, 2015

Hair extension care

I decided to change my hairstyle a bit because of my oily and thin hair. I couldn't do anything with my previous hair. No cool hairstyles, no high pony tail, no braids, nothing. So one day I opened my wallet and ordered premium Remy hair extensions. I paid like A LOT for it and I didn't know how will I look at the end of my appointment at hairdresser. Silly me, I looked just fine and happy with my long hair, I knew nothing about taking care of it.

A few days later I saw some pictures of damaged hair because extensions on the internet. I was a bit scared. After that my (fake) Tangle teezer pulled of a piece of hair the other day, with keratin and everything. That's when I decided to end this horror week. I ordered a great new original Tangle teezer, bought some new products for hair treatment and read a bunch of articles on Pinterest.

1. Protect your hair when you sleep! I usually do myself a regular or rope braid. Rope braid is great if you don't want to have your hair curled in the morning. I also never go to bed with wet hair. NEVER. You can also get a flu, did you know that?

2. Brush your hair several times a day. When you have 2 minutes of free time, take your brush and go through your hair. This will reduce knots and tangles (I suffer from them, really! Seems like I haven't brushed my hair for a month, but I did a few hours ago). I still have problems with my hair :)

3. Since my hair is oily and my extensions are dry, I needed some proper products for it. I'm very happy with my Keune repair shampoo and Keune repair conditioner with Argan oil. My hair is so soft and smells so nice when using those two precious things.

4. After I was my hair, there's a total ritual of care going on in my bathroom. First I use my Philip Kingsley daily damage defence spray, which is great for colored hair, and after a few minutes I spray a bit of Guhl lotion, which helps hair stay strong after blow drying. This is a German hair cosmetic, so it's availible on their Douglas site here. I let that sit for two minutes and start drying my hair.
5. Finishing my treatment with putting on the ends some drops of Macadamia, Argan, flax and carrot seeds dray oil, just because my ends are without shine and so dry. This oil is great for summer too. It's a bit expensive, but totally worth it.

6. Don't pull your hair when brushing. Never. Your hair will get damaged to quickly.

 I totally love my hair now, but I still think I made a mistake I didn't order clip-on's. But that's something I'll invest in when I get rid of those I already have :) But nevertheless, hair care is expensive.
How do you take care of your extensions?

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