March 9, 2015

Spring 2015

Oh being sick (again), thinking about spring and finally some warmer weather is the only thing that keeps me going! Actually sitting for a bit and trying to think about a new blog post, I came up with an idea of a fresh Spring 2015 style.


This spring is all about:

1. Nudes. I'm not so much in love with nudes, but a new bag and definitely a Urban decay nudes palette will be mine this spring, I guarantee! I can't really say I like nude nail polishes though. They are thousands in our stores and so cheap, but I haven't bought a single one. I don't like how they look on my nails. Well, that's why I love nude eye shadows so much :)

2. Jeans. The same. I've never been a jeans person. Probably because I'm not a skinny type and I have so much troubles finding a pair that fits me perfectly. I have two pairs of jeans in my closet. Yes, t w o. And I rarely wear them. But a shirt like this one up here could be great. Need to go shopping. Seems like H&M could have some of those.

3. Pastels. Here's a bit different story. As you may assume from my mint cup of tea, pastels are really my thing. Anything minty, pastel pink and blue and "peachy" would refresh our wardrobe this spring. Love pastel nails. They look so good, but I always have the problem if I want to make them like in the magazine, I need to put one a few layers of nail polish, and it dries for ever!

I would definitely wear some Boho jewelry with any of those clothes. I'm planning a shopping trip to Triest (well, trip isn't really the perfect word since Triest is about 15 minutes away from where I live) and will totally buy some pieces to be a 100% ready for spring!

What will you be wearing this spring? Any tips?

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