March 12, 2015


7th March    Pelin
Oh great. We're heading off to Marcel's again. "Don't worry, don't worry, you are doing just fine. Ok, breathe in, breathe out. I'm so stressed out. What do I need to pack in my weekender? What will my puppy need? Do I have my charger? My wallet? My stomach is up again. Yay!" 
Actually when we got there, Pelin haven't had any problems. Her mind and her inner voice was sleeping tight. Isn't that just, marvelous? When the sun went down her mind was half up, but nothing that extreme. The problems started the next day. We Pelin and Marcel were actually  on their way home, it seemed like her mind rose up a day late. "Oh yes, here it comes". Her stomach became upset. All those turns on the road, carrying her puppy in a bag, watching her what's she doing and thinking, oh thinking: "Tomorrow I need to go to work. Shit, I don't feel good today, tomorrow it'll be worse, you are so going to puke there, don't even bother going. They'll send you away, you'll be useless."

So yeah, Monday morning, Pelin didn't go to work or college. Also on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and a day after that. She was sleeping late and thinking about the worst scenarios. Again. Marcel knew a bit of what's going on. But nevertheless, no one could help her. No one knew. 
It was pure fear.

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