March 3, 2015

Evian® Spray Giveaway

This one is for all of my readers out there who loves to feel fresh and healthy, you are going to love it. How many times are you rushing somewhere in the city thinking about how does your skin feel in all this stress? Well, I'm certainly one of them.  That's why the Wilkes Group is hosting this great giveaway (which is also my first, yay, The mint cup of tea is growing!), where you can win 20 two 5 oz Facial Sprays. You can use them anywhere you want. But them in your bag and shine!

Great, isn't it?! Enter to win using the Promo simple widget below:

If you have problems with it, you can also just CLICK HERE and participate.
Of course all the winners will be chosen random. But don't worry, I got my fingers crossed for my readers!

                                                              Good Luck!

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