March 3, 2015

Opening my first Etsy shop

Hello my dear readers! Thank you all for keeping my blog alive those days. I have a strong cold and I wasn't able to write anything these days. This cold really makes me sad and incapable of doing anything most of the time. But here I am, feeling a bit better now. As I said in my Moving post, I need to make some extra money to save for future. I'm working hard now everyday, my job as a teenage mentor empties all of my energy levels. And if you think I earn a lot, I don't. But this money I need for buying everything I need for the month. And I reaaaally need to save some money too. That's why I decided to prepare some material for my new online business.

Well of course I've read tons of articles on how to open an Etsy shop, how to ship things and how to ship internationally. But I still don't think I'm ready to be "in my on business". In my Mint cup of tea boutique I'm going to sell paper goods, notepads, notebooks, thank you cards, invitation cards, jewelry and something I came up with: a monthly tea box. This one will really be something special. Based on the month in which your purchase of my tea box will be made, I will mix five different tea samples myself and pack them neatly in a box that will be delivered straight to your door. I love this idea. I saw an American site (yes, sadly they don't ship to Europe) that offers different types of mix healthy snacks. Here's their site, CLICK. Since I have a strong passion for tea, I thought that monthly tea mix would be just perfect for people around the world. My knowledge of medicine, psychology and nutrition will help me mix teas for different conditions: flu, feeling down, burn out...
This is my first notebook illustration. I think all of my paper goods will be in a preppy style. The reason is that here, in Europe, there are not a lot of shops selling notebooks and notepads in a Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade style. In my country, if I want to buy a Kate Spade notebook online, it could cost me from 30€ (about 35$), NOT including the shipping. How do you like it?:)

I'm wondering if you have any tips for my shop? How did you start with selling online, what do you sell and how's it going with that? You will help me a lot if you will take some minutes to share your thoughts.



  1. Go girl! I'm so proud of you! :D
    I'm so curious to see your works! :D
    I wish you all the best!

  2. Oh thanks dear. Still have some work to do, but I'll be on soon :)


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