February 27, 2015


Well, these days I can't stop thinking about m-o-v-i-n-g. This summer I'll finally get my Bachelor's  and will be free to finally start my life as a full grown-up. Oh, what am I talking about. Basically I'm thinking of taking a year to myself and take some courses. I hope to live in a nice apartment in the city (Ljubljana) and after a year I'll become a yoga teacher and a supernutricionist (it's a nutritionist for super foods, but it combines knowledge of nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine). I'm exited. Also I wish so much to finally move and have my own place to stay, to decorate it my way and everything. I'm working so hard to be able to afford that next year.

Glancing back at my life as a Uni student I think it was kind of the best part of time in my life. I gained some precious friends that I won't forget for life, got a love to be proud of and got lots of experience. Also I was stressed like all the time, sick for like 4 months every year and got a severe anxiety, but that's not something I will remember. I remember my all-nighters, struggling through all those medical books with my uni friends, noteworthy coffee times when we (me and my 2 great friends) babbled about boys and girl problems, exam cheating, etc. This period of time was great because of all freedom you have. I'll miss that probably. Maybe I don't want to grow up 100% already.

Going away from home also scares the hell out of me. Being homesick even if thinking of moving is totally my thing. I'm thinking how will I survive (mentally, of course). But that's also something I'm thinking about a lot. If I will be able to find a cozy apartment, where I'll feel at home and most of all, safe, I will be good with that. I will have much more time for myself, for growing my blog and growing as person, and also growing my upcoming business (Etsy, Etsy!*keep reading my blog to find out more).
And after that, who knows what will happen?

Tell me, how did you "survive" going away from home? How did you manage your homesickness, if you had one?

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